“PIRANHA 3D”, “CHEAP THRILLS” Actors to Lead Dougherty’s “KRAMPUS” Flick


Once an obscure yuletide character from European folklore, the Krampus has been enjoying a new bout of international popularity in recent years, with more and more indie filmmakers looking to Santa Claus’ demonic foil for inspiration. Amongst the spate of incoming Krampus films (including Kevin Smith’s ANTI-CLAUS) is Legendary Pictures’ horror-comedy KRAMPUS, helmed by none other than Michael Dougherty, who already made his mark on holiday-themed horror with the criminally underrated TRICK ‘R TREAT. And now, FANGORIA has learned (via The Wrap) that comedy heavyweights Adam Scott and David Koechner will be leading the fright film.

Koechner and Scott are reported to play two fathers whose children mysteriously disappear, and must hunt down the child-punishing demon who is  undoubtedly involved. Other players in the film include Alison Tolman (FARGO), Emjay Anthony (CHEF), and Stefania Owen (THE CARRIE DIARIES), who will be playing Scott’s daughter. While Scott and Koechner are mostly known for their comedy work, with Scott having led the recently departed PARKS AND RECREATION and Koechner starring in two ANCHORMAN films, both have some serious genre clout: Scott has appeared in HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE and PIRANHA 3D while Koechner has starred in CHEAP THRILLS, PIRANHA 3DD, SNAKES ON A PLANE and FINAL DESTINATION 5.

Dougherty also shares screenwriting credit on KRAMPUS along with writers Todd Casey and Zach Shields. Universal Films has slated the picture for release on December 4th, 2015, and if it plays anything like TRICK ‘R TREAT, the horned and long-tongued creature might just replace the image of an axe-wielding santa as the default mascot of Christmastime terror.

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