PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND: Last Stretch on Kickstarter!

This definitive 6-part doc on the 80s home video boom is being helmed by Atlanta filmmaker, writer and Van Cleef-o-phile Mike Malloy, and has just 9 days to reach its $7500 goal on Kickstarter.

There’s been no shortage of VHS revivalist docs of late, but Malloy’s tack has always been to go exhaustive; his recent documentary EUROCRIME: THE ITALIAN COP AND GANGSTER FILMS THAT RULED THE 70s (full disclosure, I was billed as a producer of sorts on that film) ran well over two hours, and with PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND: THE STORY OF THE 80s HOME VIDEO BOOM, he wants to go one better by not even limiting himself to the feature film format at all; with a mandate way too nerdy for the constraints of the average theatrical running time, Malloy is going episodic instead. Giving the details room to breathe is essential when discussing a cultural upheaval, which the home video boom certainly was.


The series – which will be composed of 6 half-hour episodes – is still in production, with 20 interviews shot and more down the  pipeline, ranging from first-generation video store owners to the heads of companies as disparate as RaeDon Home Video and Netflix to indie horror directors who benefited from the direct-to-video market like Fango fave Tim Ritter of TRUTH OR DARE and KILLING SPREE. The original synth-tastic score will come from both Swedish composer Thomas Nyholm and Matt Miklos (onetime bass player for iconic Boston garage band The Lyres). But the best part is the prizes: while the usual ‘thanks in the credits’ and ‘associate producer’ rewards are on offer, Malloy went the extra mile to create ‘The Millenium Platinum Signature Edition” level, featuring original signed VHS copies of films from the RaeDon and Magnum catalogues, as well as vintage collector mags VIDEOPHILE (signed by publisher Jim Lowe) and SPLATTER TIMES (signed by publisher/director Donald Farmer) and more limited-edition 80s ephemera.

Malloy is close  enough to his goal to realize it, so check out his campaign and show some love through the link below!


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