“POSEIDON REX”: Exclusive trailer, comments


A prehistoric terror awakens from the deep sea to terrorize vacationers (among them, SLEEPWALKERS’ Brian Krause) on a tropical island in POSEIDON REX, the latest cable-bound monster flick from Mark Lester’s prolific American World Pictures (the people behind PTERODACTYL, SAND SHARKS, SINBAD AND THE MINOTAUR, GRIZZLY PARK, et al.). Currently wheeling and dealing at the Cannes film festival, Lester, the director of CLASS OF 1984, FIRESTARTER and COMMANDO, gave Fango the scoop on the Rafael Jordan-scripted flick, along with exclusive pics and the trailer.

FANGORIA: What attracted you to directing and producing POSEIDON REX?

MARK LESTER: I always wanted to make a sea creature movie ever since I saw BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS as a kid. I love boats and water, and it’s fun shooting action on the ocean.

FANG: What differentiates POSEIDON REX from all the other Syfy-style creature features?

LESTER: I haven’t seen an ocean story on the network, and we have a lot of cool underwater photography. Jason Lester directed the 2nd unit underwater and got some exciting footage.


FANG: Is it tough for the likes of you, Roger Corman, Syfy, etc. to come up with new monsters?

LESTER: Yes, especially ones that haven’t been done. So we have to make them different. Our DRAGON WASPS was really unique. There are unlimited creatures in nature, but you have to invent some with hybrids. There are fossil records of sea dinosaurs, but I came up with calling ours Poseidon Rex. There are thousands of species out there, so we can come up with more movies.

FANG: You shot POSEIDON REX in sunny Belize. It must have been a nice break from chilly Eastern Europe, your usual location.

LESTER: Belize is great to shoot. We could never have done all the boats and action in a place like Romania or Los Angeles. The production value in Belize is amazing, plus you have all that beautiful scenery.


FANG: What else does your company have coming up?

LESTER: We’re in preproduction on an epic two-part movie called DRAGONS OF CAMELOT, set after the fall of King Arthur, and DRAGONS RULE. Also, we’re going to shoot DEMON SERPENTS in Belize around the Mayan lost cities.

FANG: You seem to be very busy with your sales company. Is directing the occasional movie like this a vacation from your day job?

LESTER: I love directing, so it’s a lot of fun—and hard work, but getting to be creative is a dream. I’m going to do a lot more. Directing is going to be my day job again. The sales company is running fine, so I’m getting back to being a film machine, and I have lots of ideas for new movies.

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