Prepare to get the “SHIVERS” again: Cronenberg classic being remade


They’ve been talking new versions of SCANNERS and THE BROOD for years, but now it looks like David Cronenberg’s first horror feature will beat them to the remake gate.

Producers Jeff Sackman and Michael Baker have announced that they’re mounting a new version of Cronenberg’s 1975 shocker (first released in the U.S. in 1976 as THEY CAME FROM WITHIN). Rie Rasmussen, a protégé of Quentin Tarantino who won notice for her short film THINNING THE HERD, will direct from a script by Ian Driscoll (“Rie is a perfect choice to helm the remake of SHIVERS,” Tarantino says). André Link, the original SHIVERS’ executive producer, fills the same capacity on the new movie, which is set to roll in February 2014. Casting is currently underway.

Cronenberg’s movie (which will have a special screening at this month’s Toronto International Film Festival) took place at Starliner Towers, a modern apartment complex whose residents fall victim to science-created parasites that turn them into sex-crazed killers. The new SHIVERS is updated for the digital age, where people interact on-line and the parasite manages to break down those electronic barriers. “This is an opportunity to bring SHIVERS to audiences in our current era,” Sackman says, “and reminds me of cutting-edge films I’ve had the opportunity to work on previously, including AMERICAN PSYCHO, BUFFALO 66 and YOUNG PEOPLE F**KING. We are also in a time of moviegoing that thrives on edgy horror films and we plan on pushing the boundaries with SHIVERS.”

“I’m Scandinavian,” says Rasmussen, who made her feature debut with 2009’s HUMAN ZOO, “and am very comfortable with sexual expression as a part of a healthy, modern-day reality, and I’ve always loved the underlying social messages in a well-made horror film. The opportunity to reinterpret this film from today’s point of view, adding my own female intuition and life experience, was a temptation I couldn’t resist.”

Driscoll, whose screenwriting credits include SMASH CUT and JESUS CHRIST: VAMPIRE HUNTER, says of Cronenberg’s film, “It’s full of challenging, creepy, original ideas. It’s smart, surprising and unpredictable. If we can do the same thing, this can be another classic for a new generation.” Keep your eyes here for further updates!

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