FANGORIA PRESENTS is our brand-new Video-on-Demand/DVD line, a team-up between FANGORIA Entertainment (president Thomas DeFeo and brand manager Tony Timpone), Brainstorm Media (AMERICAN SCREAM producer Meyer Shwarstein) and Naedomi Media (president Steve Break) that is currently unleashing everywhere the coolest little tales of terror from around the world! FANGORIA has had an eye for horror since 1979, and now we are bringing you the latest and best cinematic chillers you can’t find anywhere else! Trailers for our most recent frightful flicks can be found right here, and watch for regular news and weekly features on the all-new FANGORIA PRESENTS titles at Fangoria.com!

And while everyone can find our newly acquired and classic titles On Demand, those with Comcast and Cox will note a very special place carved out for them. A collection labeled “FANGORIA” features both our current FANGORIA PRESENTS movie debut and a monthly, themed selection of studio repertory titles curated by esteemed programmer and producer Zack Carlson. Here you will find the best and bloodiest horror films of all time from the major studios and the savviest independents, available to watch in your very own home!

Stay tuned to our homepage newsfeed for updates about each month’s VOD theme and ongoing programming. To find Fango’s movie collection on Comcast, search your On Demand menu this way: Movies > Movie Collections > Fangoria).

Whether it’s a diabolical demon, an unstoppable slasher, a rampaging monster, a ghost haunting the hallways or the human maniac next door, FANGORIA PRESENTS aims to give fright fans a different experience in terror with each selection.

FANGORIA: We know horror!