A global financial crisis. The City in turmoil. Careers in meltdown. Kurt Wendell has just lost a top job in banking. Unable to tell his family the dreadful truth, he punishes everyone around him. Until he finally realizes that he has made his home life a living hell. Enough is enough. He grants his children a day off school and his wife a day off work. They are going for a surprise trip to the countryside.

Brimming with excitement, Kurt's family are overjoyed. They have finally got their old dad back. But little do they know what Kurt has in store for last bit of business. A final project, both sinister and deadly, and he's set it up to run like clockwork.

Daddy might have lost his job. But he knows how to make serious cutbacks... as his horrified family are about to find out, one by one...

Jonathan Hansler, Andrea Gordon, Nicola Posener, Christopher Rithin

Writer/Director: : Ryan Lee Driscoll


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On Demand: 3/5/13
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