Pull some strings and help get Puppetcore’s “FRANK & ZED” feature funded! (Exclusive Photos)


In 2015, Puppetcore Films launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their FRANK & ZED 30 minute long puppet horror film. The project gained popularity when it was named a Kickstarter Staff Pick and went on to raise over $32,000 which greatly exceeded its original $15,000 goal. Now, FRANK & ZED is being made into a full feature length film and the Puppetcore team needs just a bit more help to get everything sewn together.

Read the details about FRANK & ZED:

Frank & Zed is the 100% puppet horror monster movie that lives up to that premise. Done with the attention to detail and world building of the Dark Crystal and the mad mayhem and glee of Meet the Feebles (the only other two features done with this method).

It stars two classic monsters, Frank & Zed whose powerful master is long defeated. Since his death, they have survived the wrath of the mob by hiding in the ruins of an old castle. But they are soon discovered and their fates, along with those of the village below, will be decided in the prophesied ‘Orgy of Blood.’

(The film was done without green screen. Using real fire, smoke, miniature for set extensions, and chemistry to achieve the effects.)

There’s no denying that the Puppetcore team has put their blood, sweat, and tears into this project..(mostly blood, though). Check out the great detailed photos of the puppets and backgrounds below:

If you have a few spare bucks, pass them along to the FRANK & ZED Kickstarter campaign HERE!

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