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When it comes to independent horror filmmaking, what you may lack in resources and time, you attempt to compensate with good will. After all, a project worth supporting and rooting for is much more tempting for those working on an independent level as opposed to the jobs acquired out of necessity. But in that good will, you find those willing to champion the film, and in the case of Adam Egypt Mortimer’s modern slashterpiece SOME KIND OF HATE, the film is well equipped with champions. One of the film’s most longstanding champions, Spencer Breslin (who brings to life one of the film’s few redeemable characters, Isaac) spoke to FANGORIA recently to talk about the film, memorable moments from the blistering set and what’s next for the young actor…

FANGORIA: How did you first get involved with SOME KIND OF HATE?

SPENCER BRESLIN: I first got involved with the film a little over… actually, a lot over 2 years ago now. I auditioned with Adam, Amanda [Mortimer] and a bunch of other producers when they were first trying to make the film, back when it was called “BULLY.” I had a really fun audition and I met up with Adam a couple of weeks later and we talked about giving me the part in the movie, and as what often happens with independent films, it took a while for it to get going.

Once it got going about a year-and-a-half ago, I got the call asking if I still wanted to be a part of SOME KIND OF HATE. I immediately said, “Fuck yeah, I’d love to be a part of the movie.” So I’ve been a part of the process for two years now; I was one of the first guys to jump on and it’s been awesome to see the film progress.

FANGORIA: Did the character change at all over the 2 years or did he remain the same from when you first signed on?

BRESLIN: Thankfully, the character didn’t change. When I first got the script and auditioned a couple of years ago, I really loved the character of Isaac because there’s actually some meat to the character. It’s not like the typical horror film comedic relief role, and I really liked the friendship between Isaac and Lincoln a lot. The character pretty much stayed the same, and Adam and I really saw eye-to-eye on the character, so he really let me do what I originally wanted to do with the role.

FANGORIA: What was your shooting experience like on SOME KIND OF HATE?

BRESLIN: This set was so much fun to be a part of, and I know actors say that about every movie. [mockingly] “Oh yeah, this set was great.” But this set really was great, even though it was really hot on set; it was like 110 degrees every day and every morning, it’d start out at 70 degrees. At least for me, I had a great a time on the set and I got to hang out with some wonderful crew members and actors. It was a small group of people and everyone who was there wanted to be there, so that’s what made it a fun project.


FANGORIA: Did that small set help you and Ronen bond, considering you’re supposed to play good friends in the flick?

BRESLIN: Yeah, Ronen and I bonded a lot, especially over New York Rangers’ Hockey. Ronen is a New Yorker like me, and right as the shoot was about to start, the Rangers made it into the playoffs, so we were able to bond over the Rangers kicking ass. Anyone who is a Rangers fan is a friend of mine, so our friendship developed really quickly, as it does in the film.

FANGORIA: Are you a horror fan yourself? Did that influence your approach to the character?

BRESLIN: Yeah, I’m a horror fan, even though my background is primarily in comedy. I’ve done a lot of comedy films but I did do one horror film before, THE HAPPENING. So I knew what to expect, in terms of blood and guts on set. But how I tried to approach the character was with that comedy background, because it was such a funny character and I really wanted to do justice to that.

In terms of horror films though, I’m a huge horror fan. My best friend Trevor, my neighbor and I get together every week and watch horror movies on Saturday night, browsing through whatever we can find on Amazon. I’m a big horror fan.

FANGORIA: It’s interesting that your first horror film was THE HAPPENING, which came out after M. Night Shyamalan was a proven and acclaimed horror director, and your second horror film was a first time feature filmmaker in Adam Egypt Mortimer. What was it like working with Adam as a director?

BRESLIN: Adam really had a great vision, which I think is important of any director. First time directors can often get intimidated because sometimes they don’t know what they want, but Adam really knew what he wanted because the script was really close to his heart. I think Adam has a huge future in movies, and he’s the kind of guy who could direct anything he wanted to. He’s one of my favorite people that I’ve ever worked with, and he’s a good friend, but he’s also super talented.

FANGORIA: What was the most memorable experience from the set of SOME KIND OF HATE?

BRESLIN: Probably the greenhouse scene; it was a lot of fun for me and it was gruesome. I was really looking forward to it, and I didn’t really know how bloody I would end up being. But I do remember being terrified on set that day because I had this sticky, sugary fake blood all over me, and I get ready to start shooting and a gigantic bee decides it likes the scene of the fake blood and decided to nest in my hair. So I wasn’t sure what was scarier: the horror film we were making on set or the risk of an insect plague that’ll take out the actors. I’m a city guy, so all the stuff out where we were shooting really freaked me out.

FANGORIA: Do you have anything else you’re currently working on?

BRESLIN: I actually just put out a record! I’ve been playing music for a few years now, and over the past few years, I’ve really focused on putting out music with my band, Broken Machine. So I’ve been working on that, writing songs on set and seeing what happens.

SOME KIND OF HATE is now in select theaters and on VOD from Image Entertainment.

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