Q&A: Bailey Jay talks “BLOOD LUST” and “RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH, VOLUME 2”


After conquering the world of porn and becoming a bona fide crossover media sensation, Bailey Jay has risen as one of the most influential voices in the transgender community, launching an incredibly popular podcast on the Riotcast Network, appearing in a hilariously candid interview on INSIDE AMY SCHUMER and serving as co-host on THE JIM NORTON SHOW. But outside of her various ventures, Bailey is also an major horror hound, parlaying her longstanding fright fandom onto BLOOD LUST, a weekly horror-centric podcast in which Bailey chats with guests from throughout horror history. FANGORIA recently caught up with Bailey to talk BLOOD LUST, her favorite macabre movies and her role in Troma’s RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH VOLUME 2…

FANGORIA: So what was your first exposure to horror? When did you first realize you were a horror fan?

BAILEY JAY: Well as far back as I remember I was obsessed with the paranormal and I was raised by THE MUNSTERS, so I was always spooky. But then I saw CHILD’S PLAY and JACK FROST when I was 13, and it was all over; I was a horror head.

FANGORIA: What horror films speak to you the most? Which ones most influenced your tastes as a fright fan?

JAY:  I often tell people that SLEEPAWAY CAMP is a biopic about me, like it’s my origin story. But I’m definitely the most influenced by ROSEMARY’S BABY.

FANGORIA: Do you also take part in other parts of horror culture, such as haunted attractions, horror games, etc?

JAY:  I actually hate haunted attractions, like haunted hayrides and stuff. I love horror but hate when stuff jumps out and surprises me. Go figure. As I mentioned earlier, I love anything paranormal. I read books and listen to lots of radio/podcast shows on the subject. I’m hoping to do an investigation of my own soon!


FANGORIA: What inspired you to take part in a horror podcast?

JAY:  Well I love talking horror and getting to rant about my trivial knowledge of old movies. I figure what better way to do so but round up the horror weirdies I’ve admired for years.

FANGORIA: How did you become a part of RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH, VOLUME 2?

JAY:  Well I was doing a guest spot on Robert Kelly’s YKWD podcast and the Troma guys heard me on there and invited me to be apart of the first volume. But ultimately I ended up doing a cameo in volume 2. Lloyd and the whole team have been so amazing to me.

FANGORIA: Our magazine has had many correspondences with the LGBT community regarding the genre’s prevalence among their culture. What do you think it is about the horror genre that so resonates with the LGBT community?

JAY:  I think real life can be scary at times for any outcast, but it’s sad scary. The kind of horror I gravitated to was always fantastical stuff. Possessed dolls, a corny rhyming leprechaun, a mutant snow man, etc; it was an escape.

FANGORIA: Now that you’ve got RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH and SHEMALIA’S FILM FIASCO under your belt, is there anywhere else in the horror genre that you’d like to explore?

JAY:  Perhaps one day I will attempt a bigger role in a horror movie. Who knows? Maybe my tears in porn will make me a decent actress. Haha. But I really love writing. Maybe more screenplays.

You can download episode one of Bailey Jay’s BLOOD LUST for free here and you can add the RSS Feed to your podcast app here. You can also follow the BLOOD LUST podcast on Twitter. Stay tuned for more on Bailey Jay’s BLOOD LUST on FANGORIA.com. You can also contribute to RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH, VOLUME 2’s Kickstarter campaign here.

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