Q&A: Classic Misfit, DOYLE on Danzig’s 25th Anniversary Tour and More


About midway through the set on Danzig’s 25th Anniversary tour, the legendary front man stops the show to introduce an old friend. With absolute fury, Misfits guitarist Doyle comes stomping out—in full devilocked, corpse faced glory—to blister through a set of the seminal punk band’s favorites. The room, or at least New York City’s Roseland Ballroom in this case, comes alive. Even someone who prefers the solo Danzig material would find it hard to deny this as a highlight, the most rousing aspect of the evening.

Just hours before the set though, Doyle—in this instance, also in full makeup and totally hulking—is a calmer presence. Used to a long history of traveling, there’s a sense that the guitarist and leader of his own acts Doyle and Gorgeous Frankenstein, rolls with everything. And so Fango rolls with him through a brief talk about the tour, and that time he watched THE SIXTH SENSE with George Romero.

FANGORIA: As a horror fan, what monster do you think you were immediately drawn to?

DOYLE: [Ed note: As we begin, Doyle is concerned with a mosquito in the room] There he is, that little motherfucker. I hate killing them, but I’m so itchy it’s ridiculous. He’s sucking my Hulk blood out, man!

King Kong, man. He was my favorite. I loved the stop-motion shit. When I was a kid, I wanted to do that when I grew up. Now that it’s obsolete, and I see how long it takes to do it…

FANG: Did you ever try it out?

DOYLE: No, no. I always liked to make models.

FANG: Do you still have those?

DOYLE: Nah, I don’t have nothing. I don’t want to carry anything!

FANG: Do you think about these things, or internalize any of it as you’re performing. You’re very theatrical.

DOYLE: I just want to… I kind of get really angry when I perform. I want to scare you, you know what I mean? That’s it. Sometimes, I’ll come out and if I come out really fast, they fucking back up [laughs].

FANG: Is that the best feeling?

DOYLE: It’s a good feeling, it’s funny.

FANG: And you’re still stoked?

DOYLE: Yea, I like it.


FANG: You have a long history of East Coast punk behind you. Does everything in New York look wildly different when you’re playing now? Is there a spirit you still see?

DOYLE: Hm, I don’t know. I don’t really listen to punk rock these days.

FANG: What are you listening to?

DOYLE: Black Sabbath.

FANG: The new one? Do you like it? Have you seen them recently?

DOYLE: We saw them last month. Our show got cancelled, they were playing in that city and we went.

FANG: Other than that cancellation, how’s this iteration of the legacy tour?

DOYLE: A lot of fun, great crowds.

FANG: Are you noticing a generational thing?

DOYLE: We get little kids, six to 60. I like to meet the little kids.

FANG: A lot of your image is related to Frankenstein’s monster. Did you ever feel a particular affinity for the story or creature?

DOYLE: Not really, just kind of got my name from Lily Munster yelling at her son. I studied their makeup. I used to be really intrigued by the makeup.

FANG: Are you playing Doyle or Gorgeous Frankenstein stuff on this tour, as well?

DOYLE: Nope, just Misfits.

FANG: Is that coming up any time soon?

DOYLE: Hopefully after this, we’re working on some tours.

FANG: Given you have such a presence, have you ever wanted to act?

DOYLE: I can’t act! I did a movie one time with that guy who plays Shaggy, Matthew Lillard. He’s fucking around us before they shoot and we’re all talking. He knew who we were, we’re all jerking around, but as soon as the guy said action, he flipped a switch. And as soon as the guy said cut, he was back to fucking around. I was like, “This is nuts.” He shot the scene six times, from six different angles and he was the acting the same every time. The thing that threw me off was the director didn’t tell anybody what to do.

FANG: Is that a parallel at all, you turning “on” when the show starts?

DOYLE: Yea, but it’s different. It’s a personality. It’s a bunch of different personalities. It’s not just one. It’s easy to flip just one.

FANG: And you worked with George Romero?

DOYLE: That movie was called BRUISER. We were the band in the movie. It was really cool, it was really cool to meet him. We got to go to the movies with him, he sat next to me. We watched SIXTH SENSE, talked about the movie.

Danzig’s 25th Anniversary Tour wraps up Halloween night in San Francisco. For more, visit the official site

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