Q&A: Denise Crosby talks “PET SEMATARY” at the Olympia Film Festival


As horror fans around the world are in the midst of a month of ghoulish happenings and spooky treats, residents of the Pacific Northwest’s delights include the Olympia Film Festival where, on Sunday, October 20, the Capitol Theater will have a special showing of cult-favorite PET SEMATARY with special guest Denise Crosby in attendance. With proceeds going to new digital equipment for the theatre, the event will include both a Q&A and meet-and-greet with Crosby, after.  In preparation for the upcoming show, Ms. Crosby sat down with Fango to talk about the event and her plans for Seattle.

FANGORIA: What attracted you to participating in the Capitol Theatre charity?

DENISE CROSBY: I happened to be up in Seattle about a month ago or so with Joe [Parrington, publicist] and he happens to mention that Elliot Gould (M.A.S.H) was coming up for a charity benefit and the Olympia Film Festival. So I said “Really? I was just talking to Elliot, he’s a really good friend and we’re doing a show together.” He hadn’t seen the show, Ray Donovan, so I explain it to him and before I knew it Joe came up with this great idea for the two of us to come up. I could show PET SEMATARY and do a Q&A and Elliot is showing M.A.S.H. and also doing a Q&A, we can talk about the show, and have a fun weekend.

FANG: What can we expect from your appearance?

CROSBY: Well, with PET SEMATARY they got a hold of a very nice 35 MM print which has been recently restored about a year ago. Honestly, I’m just looking forward to talking about the movie. Actually, right before I get to do that, I’m going to be making an appearance at the Geek Girl Con which is happening in Seattle. That I’ve never been to, nor do they usually have actors come in for that, so that’s kind of special. All things feminine and really focused on women’s role and identity in science fiction and fantasy, where it’s going and where it’s come from.

Crosby in "Pet Sematary"

Crosby in “Pet Sematary”

FANG: Of everything you’ve been a part of, how do you feel about PET SEMATARY being chosen for the event?

CROSBY: I think it’s great. More and more people are really behind PET SEMATARY and are giving it the credit that I think it deserves. It really holds its own, and it meant a lot to many people; it’s nice to see that. I always look forward to talking about PET SEMATARY and having people honor it and like it and want to screen it. The USA Film Festival is giving us a screening next year in April with special events honoring PET SEMATARY, so that’s kind of cool. It’s funny, stick around long enough and you become iconic. It’s always nice when you get to do what you love people respond to it.

FANG: Do you have any further plans, aside from the Geek Girl-Con, for the Pacific Northwest?

CROSBY: I love coming up to Seattle, I really love the area. I’ve spent a lot of time up there over the years and I always have a great time when I come. This is going to be especially fun since my husband gets to come with me this time and he rarely gets to come to these little weekend gatherings. We got kids and it’s not an easy thing to do. Our son is getting fifteen now, so we can relax a bit about stepping away, especially with Elliot coming up. My husband and Elliot are very good friends and with me working with him right now, so it’s going to be very nice to get away.

PET SEMATARY plays the Capitol Theater on Sunday, October 20 at 8:00 p.m. For more info, including tickets, visit the Olympia Film Society.

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