Q&A: Garth Ennis Previews New Sci-fi Comic, “CALIBAN”


For years, Garth “The Menace” Ennis has entertained audiences with no-holds-barred storytelling and spot-on commentary told through menacing zombies, god-like preachers, and superhero death squads. As controversial as he is talented, Ennis has dipped his pen in almost every genre in the comic industry, recently announcing he’ll be adding yet another to his oeuvre : sci-fi. Titled CALIBAN, the story follows a group of astronauts who accidently crash into an alien ship, unleashing a wave of unparalleled horror. Mr. Ennis spoke to FANGORIA about the anticipated work…

FANGORIA: What about the story of Caliban inspired you to dip into sci-fi?

GARTH ENNIS: CALIBAN first began bubbling away when I learned there was going to be an Alien prequel—not just my favorite horror or sci-fi flick, probably my number one suspense movie of all time. Even to this day I find myself idly wondering about various aspects of its story. When I saw PROMETHEUS, I realized they’d gone in a different direction, but I had so many ideas of my own I figured I had enough for something completely new.

FANG: Facundo Percio has some amazing artwork on projects like FASHION BEAST. How much of his work influenced the over-all design vision of the new comic?

ENNIS He pretty much designed it from the ground up. As with most of my stories nowadays, the scripts were all finished long before the artist was even assigned, so he had everything he needed to work with. And he’s done a fantastic job; nailed the characters and settings just how I wanted, given us some good creepy imagery such as the covers with the bodies fused into the ship.

FANG: Is CALIBAN a pre-cursor to more sci-fi projects in the future?  Has this story scratched a creative itch that you have had for a long time?

ENNIS I have limited interest in sci-fi. I’m still very fond of the 2000AD stories I read as a kid, and I like the older STAR WARS trilogy. My favorites would be the great sci-fi/horror/action/whatever movies of the eighties: ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER, TERMINATOR, PREDATOR, ROBOCOP, ROAD WARRIOR, THE THING.  Beyond that, my interest tails off rapidly. Scratching an itch is a good way of putting it. I wanted to do my take on the story where the vast spaceship rumbles its way through the stars, we track down endless empty corridors, the crew tap listlessly at their consoles…and then the shit hits the fan.

CALIBAN hits shelves Wednesday, April 2 from Avatar Press.

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