Q&A: Grade School Metal Band and “AMERICA’S GOT TALENT” darlings, MURP


Aaralyn and Izzy O’Neil are collectively known as MURP, a brother-sister Metal tinted band from Boston, Mass who started their wild act in 2010 after vocalist Aaralyn—who was three at the time—discovered she could scream like the Devil. Spurred on by their parents, they competed on TV reality show AMERICA’S GOT TALENT earlier this year performing their mind-bending screamo gem “Zombie Skin,” confusing Howard Stern, impressing Howie Mandel and blowing away a shocked audience.  Though the kids made it to the finals, they were eventually eliminated, but this did little to defeat them. They went back to Boston and made a four-track EP called BROKEN CRAYONS, which is now available.

Just because this kids are so bloody cool and the entire concept so divinely weird, Fango opted to chat up MURP a little bit. Heed their words and watch them perform Zombie Skin below…

FANGORIA: You’re metal kids obviously. Who are some of your favorite bands?

IZZY and AARALYN: We love Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Tool, Pantera…

FANG: How has appearing on a major network show and becoming YouTube darlings changed your life?

BrokenCrayIZZY: We got to do an EP, do lots of interviews, it’s been so amazing! We got to go to Thor studio in New York, which teaches young kids about heavy metal music. It was really fun and I hope we can go back. It had kids who play heavy metal and they taught us how to play heavy metal.

AARALYN: it’s the craziest in the world!

FANG: Who was your favorite judge on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT?

IZZY and AARALYN: Howie Mandel

IZZY: He understands our music.

AARALYN: We love Howie!

FANG: What was it like performing for a large audience?

AARALYN: We loved it. It’s like the best thing in the entire world. You have to try it!

FANG: What inspires the songs you write?

AARALYN: Sugar! Caramel sugar!

IZZY: Chocolate!

FANG: You recorded BROKEN CRAYONS in a real studio. What was it like?

IZZY:  It felt like a bunch of people. It was like “Ok lets try this one more time.” But it was really fun.

AARALYN: it felt like Christmas. You have to try it!

FANG: So, what inspired you both to become musicians?

IZZY: Our Dad and Uncle. They listen to metal music. Our Uncle is in a band called Dark Passenger.

FANG: What do you want to be when you grow up?

IZZY: An astrophysicist rock metal scientist.

FANG: What’s next for MURP?

IZZY and AARALYN: Playing live and awesome shows and hopefully going on a world tour.

MURP’s EP, BROKEN CRAYONS is now available at their official site.

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