Q&A: Linnea Quigley Remembers Penetrating Role in “SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT”


This December, FANGORIA, Brainstorm Media and Screenvision are teaming up to re-release the notorious 1984 Santa Slasher SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT to hundreds of screens across the country.

In honor of this delectable anti-Xmas treat, we locked our mitts on the lovely Linnea Quigley, she of Scream Queen royal stripes (and newly minted GOREZONE pin-up girl status) and had a quick jaw about her infamous scene, getting impaled on a set of deer antlers—topless, no less—by the kooky Kris Kringle in the movie that made suburban moms of every class don sandwich boards and flail their fists at moral corruption.

[NOTE: Some NSFW imagery below]

FANGORIA: Did you have any apprehensions about the impaling gag at all? Was it safe?

LINNEA QUIGLEY: I did have some worries about being impaled, yes. We were in Utah, in the cold and up so high and on a very small bicycle type thing which was hard. And then, of course, I couldn’t breathe or the antlers would move and I had to chew a blood gel when dying. And then they had to stage a fight under me while I’m cold and holding my breath and containing my shivers… it wasn’t easy.

FANG: Had you done much nudity prior to SILENT NIGHT?

QUIGLEY: I had done some nudity for modeling and such but not a lot for film so I wanted it to be more, I don’t know, lifelike. I figured a girl would pull a shirt on and run upstairs, but for the antlers to show I had to just pull on the shorts only… or so the producers said [laughs].

FANG: Was the gig in SILENT NIGHT instrumental in landing you your signature role in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD?

QUIGLEY: I don’t think my part in SILENT NIGHT was so important to getting me RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD as it was the casting director, Stanzi Stokes who remembered me from the audition and brought me in. I’d actually love to ask her why she thought of me.

FANG: Do you remember the outcry when SILENT NIGHT was released?

sndnlinneaantlersQUIGLEY: I was in Mexico filming TREASURE OF THE MOON GODDESS with Don Calfa and having a great time, and got word from my manager about all the outcry and all I could think was, “Jeez, it’s just a movie; some dumb movie.” But it really helped the film so much, so thanks to those old ladies with weird morals out there who helped in that respect.

FANG: How do you feel about an entire new audience nation-wide seeing you on the big screen for the first time in this flick?

QUIGLEY: I’m so glad people will see me on the big screen again, period, since movies now almost all end up in Redbox or Netflix, so it’s so great to have new viewers. It’s no great masterpiece of mine for sure, but it’s a fun movie and it’s great that a new generation will get to see it.

FANG: Is there a hardcore fan base surrounding this film that you’ve seen?

QUIGLEY: Yes, there are people that want photos from that film and they tell me they watch it every holiday and they know all the lines. So this little film made by some guy who never directed a horror movie before is loved by millions. Now, where are my residuals [laughs]?

To find out where SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT is playing near you, visit FANGORIA On Screen. And to get an eyeful of Linnea be sure to pick up our new GOREZONE #28, available only via our store here.

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