Quentin Tarantino Thinking of Making a Horror Movie


In casual conversation with The Independent about his own filmmaking future, the great Quentin Tarantino hinted towards a proper dip into the horror pool.  Will we ever see it?

It’s far too early to tell, and frankly the quote—”If there was something I would like to work on again, it would be Honshu’s movies, maybe. Or a horror movie, perhaps.”—is simple and entirely non-committal. But hey, if you’re going to Google “Quentin Tarantino Non News” today, I’d rather you end up here.

The actual, and exciting, news from his chat is that previous comments of wanting to “retire” after ten films were something of a phase. The DJANGO UNCHAINED and PULP FICTION director explains, “There was a time when I said I wanted to stop after 10 movies, but I went back on the idea. OK, it would sound really cool because it’s a round number and it would make sense as I would have made three movies per decade, but it’s not fixed in time. I still have some more things to do before being done with movies.”

Tarantino has arguably already made a horror movie in DEATH PROOF, which marries exploitation road films with the slasher. That’s not to mention the Spaghetti and ultraviolent heritage of DJANGO. It would however, be interesting to see the filmmaker try and fit within whatever confines he thinks a horror movie are guided by. Tarantino is an electric, energetic director whose films rarely consist of any one thing. What would one look like?

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