Recap: The 2014 Eyegore Awards & Universal Hollywood Horror Nights


For those who do not know, the Eyegore awards are the “bad-ass version of the Oscars”, according to the fantastic Danny Trejo who presented a Gargoyle statuette to long time ‘compadre’ Robert Rodriguez at Friday night’s award ceremony held at Universal Studios. Yet the awards also mark the beginning of the Halloween season each year and honor outstanding artists in horror, as well as raising the curtain for the horror mazes at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Along with Rodriguez, Master of Horror John Landis accepted an award for his outstanding achievements, which were presented to him by the previous years winner, SFX mastermind and genius Rick Baker, which was a poignant moment as Baker recalled meeting Landis for the first time and being ‘quite scared of him.’

Greg Nicotero, responsible for SFX on films such as MISERY and KILL BILL, was presented an award for his incredible work on THE WALKING DEAD from creator Robert Kirkman and TALKING DEAD host Chris Hardwick. Other guests of the night included horror stalwart Sid Haig, THE WALKING DEAD’s Brighton Sharbino, Tara Reid, and host of the evening McKenzie Westmore from Syfy’s FACE OFF.

The finale of the ceremony saw Grammy award-winning guitar legend Slash take to the stage, accompanied by singer Myles Kennedy, to perform the title track from his horror debut NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR. Slash not only received one of the coveted statuettes but also has provided the musical score for this years CLOWNS 3D maze.

After the awards ceremony,  it was time for the guests to get a taste of this year’s bevvy of horror creations. John Murdy was not lying when he said that this years mazes were going all out.

The monsters and aliens within the walls of the ALIEN VS. PREDATOR maze were something to behold, including 16ft Queen alien that takes 3 people to operate was sensational. Murdy’s team collaborated with the original creators of ALIEN VS. PREDATOR to bring this spectacular scare fest to life.


THE WALKING DEAD maze was also incredible. It began with persistent zombies pestering you before you got inside and ended with a handful of zombies stuck in a rockpile at the Terminus railyard.

A favorite for this writer was walking through the ‘Slaughtered Lamb’ to witness the frights on show in the AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON maze. Huge wolves that were replicated to perfection jump out and terrify. This maze will not disappoint fans of the film.

It was an absolute delight to see the Titty Twister recreated for the FROM DUSK TILL DAWN maze. Upon entering you feel as though you really are at that fateful bar from the film, with a sea of vampires vying to terrify you beyond recognition.

The stand out of the night was CLOWNS 3D. Upon entering you don a pair of 3D glasses, and are then put into a nightmarish world of the most sinister looking clowns you could imagine. An onslaught on the senses, this maze will have your eyes seeing things that are psychedelic, smelling things that are completely foul, and feeling the chill as you walk through a gigantic freezer. Perhaps you shouldn’t go to this one if you are a coulrophobic….

Notable mentions to FACE OFF: In The Flesh and DRACULA UNTOLD: Reign in Blood. Both mazes had plenty of scares and incredible monsters. The Terror Tram was our final destination for the evening and it did not disappoint. Wandering through the Bates Motel and War of The Worlds back lot, we were scared witless by chainsaw wielding maniacs and an endless melange of zombies. However, we still managed to take advantage of a photo opportunity with Norman Bates outside his house.

Universal’s Halloween Horror nights will certainly not disappoint this year, and I highly recommend you visit… if you dare!Tickets can be purchased online here.


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