Release news/disc art: Stephen McHattie enters the “HELLMOUTH”


The Foresight Features team behind MONSTER BRAWL, EXIT HUMANITY and others is taking you to the hot place as HELLMOUTH is now set for release. Read on for the details and cover art.

Fango has learned that The Orchard will give HELLMOUTH a digital release for the U.S. (date to be announced soon), while Anchor Bay Canada will issue the film on a Blu-ray/DVD combo May 19. Directed by John Geddes from a script by PONTYPOOL’s Tony Burgess, it stars genre vet Stephen McHattie, Siobhan Murphy, Ari Millen, Burgess, Mark Gibson, Boyd Banks, PONTYPOOL director Bruce McDonald and familiar face Julian Richings. The synopsis: “HELLMOUTH tells the tale of gravekeeper Charlie Baker [McHattie] assigned to tend to a mysterious cemetery. Charlie’s routine journey to his new place of employment turns out to be a dark and fantastic voyage through a Gothic landscape, filled with demonic forces, and a life-altering encounter with a beautiful woman he must try to rescue from the bowels of hell.” Descend into the HELLMOUTH on Facebook.


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