“RETURN TO NUKE ’EM HIGH VOLUME 1” DVD and Blu-ray ooze special features


Fresh from its packed screenings at select venues across the U.S. (including the Museum of Modern Art), Troma’s RETURN TO NUKE ’EM HIGH VOLUME 1 is coming to disc positively dripping with bonus material.

Anchor Bay Films releases RETURN March 18 on DVD and Blu-ray (in an appropriately green case) in uncut, unrated form. Directed and co-written by Troma head honcho Lloyd Kaufman, the movie returns to the scene of the 1986 original CLASS OF NUKE ’EM HIGH, a.k.a. Tromaville High School, where toxic cafeteria food courtesy of the Tromorganic Foodstuffs Conglomerate has transformed the glee club into a new band of evil, vicious Cretins. Only Chrissy (Asta Paredes) and Lauren (Catherine Corcoran), two beautiful lesbian bloggers, save their school from both these mutants and the evil corporation? The discs will include 16×9-enhanced 1.78:1 transfers, supplemented with:

• Audio commentary by Kaufman, producer Justin A. Martell, executive producer Matt Manjourides, associate producer Regina Katz and co-writer Travis Campbell

• Audio commentary by actors Paredes, Corcoran, Zac Amico, Clay von Carlowitz and Stuart Kiczek

• “Casting Conundrum” featurette

• “Pre-Production Hell with Mein-Kauf (Man)” featurette

• “Special (Ed) Effects” featurette

• “Cell-U-Lloyd Kaufman: 40 Years of TROMAtising The World” featurette

• “Architects of Fear: Edison Device” Music Video


Retail prices are $19.98 for the DVD, $24.99 for the Blu-ray. To find out more about the madness (including upcoming theatrical bookings), see RETURN TO NUKE ’EM HIGH VOLUME 1’s official website.


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