From the mind of the notorious Wes Anderson (MOONRISE KINGDOM, THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX) comes an astonishing, mind-warping free-fall into horror so grueling, only the strongest of heart and mind need apply. THE MIDNIGHT COTERIE OF SINISTER INTRUDERS sports plenty of the eccentricity, obnoxious soundtrack violin string plucks and oddball asides that propel all of Anderson’s celebrated works and sports magnetic turns by the director’s oft used alumni like like Owen Wilson (who is unforgettable as befuddled father facing the ultimate evil), Tilda Swinton (in a shocking cameo that will leave you gasping) and Gwyneth Paltrow (who gives her best turn since her blistering performance in the cult classic karaoke chiller DUETS). Oh and Danny Glover proves he’s not too old for this shit with his stunning return to form appearance as…Danny Glover.

COTERIE tells that tale of a harried family man (Wilson) who must protect his adorable, expressionless kin from terror most twee when a gaggle of masked, maniacal mirthmakers invade his tastefully decorated home. As Anderson cuts from one meticulously framed and obsessively designed shot to the next, assaulting his audience with rapid fire banter and expository title cards, the effect is one of profound, primal, disorienting and delirious “Da Fuh?”.

Don’t believe us? See the clever, hilarious trailer from the Saturday, October 27th episode of Saturday Night Live, which Fango had the pleasure of being “quoted” in!

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