RIP “RAVENOUS” director Antonia Bird


The filmmaker behind one of the most unusual modern studio horror films has passed away, and too soon.

Eye for Film reports that British director Antonia Bird has died, at the age of just 54. Best known for her controversial 1994 debut feature PRIEST, Bird also made a mark in UK television, helming numerous episodic series and TV movies. At the suggestion of her frequent collaborator, actor Robert Carlyle, she was brought onto the troubled production of 1999’s RAVENOUS to replace the original director, Milcho Manchevski. Though the mismarketed film was a box-office flop upon release, the 1800s-set story of cannibalism among soldiers at a fort in the Sierra Nevada mountains has since become a cult favorite for its effective blend of gore and dark humor, its terrific, eccentric score by Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn and its eclectic cast, which also includes Guy Pearce, Jeffrey Jones, Jeremy Davies, David Arquette and Neal McDonough. It wound up being her last theatrical film, though she was planning to return to the form this year with the drama CROSS MY MIND.

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