Robert Englund and Danielle Harris talk crowdfunding FEAR CLINIC feature film


Fans of the web series FEAR CLINIC can rejoice: longstanding plans to continue the franchise are coming to life, as the original cast and crew convene for a feature film. Even better? There’s going to be an indiegogo campaign, which will let fans scoop up what promises to be some fantastic perks. I visited the set while they were shooting the promo video for the campaign.

Robert Englund, reprising his role as Dr. Andover, explains: “We’re doing a campaign for indiegogo. We’ve got most of our financing for FEAR CLINIC: THE MOVIE. The thing that has happened with me before, after you’ve been knocking on doors for a year and you don’t get that balance for your budget, you go ahead and make the movie, but it’s not the way you want to do it. We want to go ahead and make this movie the way we want to. It always envisioned FEAR CHAMBER (Note: FEAR CHAMBER was the original title) as a feature film, and it’s gone through several iterations by Aaron Drane. The latest one is just extraordinary.”

“It was an unexpected and welcome call from Rob Hall saying we’re finally going to make this happen,” says star Danielle Harris, who plays Susan. “I was wondering where it went and if it was ever going to happen. We’ve been trying to get this made for years. We all came to the web series hoping it was going to become a franchise and we were all on board.”


Rob Hall says, “Today we’re just trying to establish the awareness of the FEAR CLINIC film, which has been much talked about for several years, much speculated, and there’s been much momentum in getting the film made. What a lot of people in the industry know, and now a lot of fans know, is that it’s extremely difficult to get anything made these days. Unless you’re a big studio, you have shelf space shrinking in stores, you have a really bad issue with piracy, you have a bad situation where a lot of these middle sized films don’t get made anymore, so we’re trying a new approach. FEAR CLINIC was the first of its kind, and did extremely well. From what I’m told, it was the most watched web series in history. If we can monetize that and help us make the film, then that’s what we’re trying to do.”

If all goes well, and it certainly seems like it will go off without a hitch, FEAR CLINIC: THE MOVIE will go into production this fall. Robert Englund wraps it up: “Everybody obviously still believes in it. Danielle Harris, Robert Hall – who is here on his day off from TEEN WOLF – and I all believe in this. To get that amount of talent together and that whole nerve center of Rob Hall’s great shop ‘Almost Human’ and all the talent that they incubate, along with the talents of Mark Johnson and myself, and this kid Aaron Drane, who’s really come up with this great concept, I’m just hoping the fans rally and try and help us so we can do it right.”

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