Rock and shock: Iggy Pop to team up with Dario Argento!


Having previously lent his acting talents to the likes of John Waters and Richard Stanley, legendary rocker Iggy Pop, we just learned, is now set to collaborate with the king of Italian horror.

Fango got the word that Pop will star in the title role of THE SANDMAN, the latest frightfest from Dario Argento. As we reported earlier today, Argento will be presenting THE SANDMAN, scripted by David Tully (who also wrote Tobe Hooper’s upcoming DJINN), to potential backers at the Frontières International Co-Production Market at this summer’s Fantasia film festival in Montreal. That’s all we know about THE SANDMAN at this point, but we’ll be sure to keep on top of it and bring more news as it arises! The frontman of The Stooges previously co-starred in Water’s CRY-BABY and provided the voice of Angry Bob in Stanley’s HARDWARE; he also appeared in THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS and the rock ’n’ roll vampire movie SUCK.

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