Roger Corman and Charles Band sit down for new mini-doc “KINGS OF CULT”


When it comes to indie genre filmmaking  the maverick Roger Corman (alongside his wife/producing partner Julie) is the undisputed king. Corman’s efforts almost single-handedly inventing independent cinema in the 1950’s continues today (his latest is the smash-hit Syfy camp-fest SHARKTOPUS VS. WHALEWOLF) and his multi-generational work created a fertile ground for other ambitious creators to make their mark, especially people like Empire Pictures and Full Moon Features mogul Charles Band.

Indeed, the other last man standing outside of Corman is Band himself. Between the two of them, they’ve navigated the ever-shifting market of moviedom, continually re-inventing themselves and show no signs of quitting. Seeing an opportunity to bring two forces of counter-culture filmmaking together, Band sat down with Corman for an epic 60 minute discussion about their careers and adventures making mad movies on the margins, and the resulting mini-doc has been called KINGS OF CULT.

Now, KINGS OF CULT is having its worldwide premiere on Band’s B movie-soaked FullMoonStreaming.com channel on September 2nd. To watch, visit the site and sign up for a subscription (about $6 per month). In the meantime, have a look at the exclusive trailer and the colorful poster designed by the great Stephen Romano.


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