Ron Perlman talks “13 SINS,” “PACIFIC RIM” sequel possibilities


While speaking to Fango-fave actor Ron Perlman about his role in the terrific new psychothriller CRAVE (see that story here), we also took the opportunity to query him about his role in 13 SINS, the upcoming film from THE LAST EXORCISM director Daniel Stamm, and whether he might return to the realm of PACIFIC RIM.

Based on Chookiat Sakveerakul’s Thai black-comic shocker 13: GAME OF DEATH, 13 SINS is about a financially struggling salesman who becomes the contestant in what he’s told is a hidden-camera game show, which requires him to perform 13 increasingly disturbing deeds to win a huge cash prize. Perlman co-stars in the movie with Mark Webber, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Devon Graye and TRUE BLOOD’s Rutina Wesley. “I’m a cop again in that—or at least, you think I am,” Perlman tells Fango. “I’m a much more conventional cop in 13 SINS than in CRAVE, but the story is way more twisted. It’s got a huge amount of perversity to it, in the storytelling. The lead character is taken on this journey he completely has no control over, and he begins to understand that there’s nothing he can depend on in this world. And sure enough, he comes to find out that there are a lot of people who aren’t what they say they are, and I’m one of them.

“What was interesting about that for me was to try and figure out how to play this guy really vanilla, calling as little attention to himself as humanly possible—which is not my strong suit,” he continues. “The fun I’m having in my career right now is bouncing around, trying to do things that are dissimilar to what I’ve done before. At the end of the day, the only thing that really, truly matters is the writing, and the script for 13 SINS [by Stamm and David Birke] is phenomenal—really, really well-written.”

Perlman’s biggest recent feature was, of course, PACIFIC RIM, the latest in his ongoing series of collaborations with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. The actor’s flamboyant Kaiju-organ trafficker Hannibal Chau (pictured above) stole all his scenes in the megabudget monster movie, especially (SPOILER ALERT) the post-credits moment when he hacks his way free of a beast that had swallowed and apparently killed him. “The plan was for Hannibal to be dead, and the idea that he cuts himself out was kind of an afterthought,” Perlman reveals, adding, “The sequel is not completely greenlighted, but a script has been ordered, and once that happens, it’s a good sign that people intend to see where the story can be taken in its next incarnation. I have no idea what Guillermo has up his sleeve, but I’m thrilled to now be part of the conversation for a sequel. I don’t think Guillermo had planned on seeing Hannibal in any follow-up movie, so I’ll be very eager to find out if he does make the cut in the next film, and what he looks like.”

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