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One of the year’s most powerful genre features is writer/director Simon Rumley’s RED WHITE & BLUE, which has won raves and awards at festivals this year. It’s now poised for U.S. release this fall as part of IFC Films’ “Direct from Fantastic Fest” series, and we’ve got the details and comments from Rumley.

Amanda Fuller (pictured above) stars in RED WHITE & BLUE as an emotionally damaged, promiscuous young woman who sexually entertains the members of an up-and-coming band one night. One of them, Franki (THE LOST’s Marc Senter), is enraged to discover that he has contracted HIV from her and sets out to deliver some violent payback; Noah Taylor also stars as a troubled Iraq War veteran who becomes her friend and protector. The movie will be one of four features shown at Fantastic Fest, running September 23-30 in Austin, TX (where RED WHITE was filmed), and made simultaneously available via video-on-demand by IFC Films in the “Direct from Fantastic Fest” line. RED WHITE will also be given theatrical release beginning Sept. 23 in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia. The other movies which will be at the festival and on-demand are Philip Ridley’s HEARTLESS (which will play at New York City’s IFC Center beginning November 21, followed by more big-screen bookings), Josh Reed’s Aussie shocker PRIMAL (see previous item here) and Abel Ferry’s French chiller HIGH LANE.

“IFC is the leading American distribution company in presenting bold and exciting movies that really challenge what both cinema and horror is—ANTICHRIST, ENTER THE VOID and HUMAN CENTIPEDE, to name a few examples,” Rumley tells Fango. “When they saw RED WHITE & BLUE, they felt they would be a perfect fit for our movie, and we agreed, so it’s great we’ve finally been able to work this out with them.”

The filmmaker is also happy with IFC’s choice to make the movie available on both big and small screens at the same time. “It seems that releasing the more interesting films at the cinema and on VOD at the same time maximizes interest in them,” he notes, “and when many of Hollywood’s marketing budgets are way bigger than the entire production cost of most independent movies these days, any way to make this happen is a good way. Fantastic Fest is the key film festival in the United States that champions movies which straddle the divide between straight drama and horror, so it would seem that with that equally strong brand behind RED WHITE & BLUE, its uniqueness will be able to shine out.” Read our review of RED WHITE & BLUE here and see exclusive interviews with Rumley and Fuller in Fango #297, currently on sale. Check back at this site tomorrow for exclusive pics from another new Rumley project, LITTLE DEATHS!

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