The home-invasion opus SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD is getting ready to roll Down Under in January, with two young leads recently seen in high-profile pictures.

Screen Daily reports that PAN star Levi Miller is joining Olivia DeJonge, heroine of THE VISIT (pictured above) in SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD, which wil film in a suburb of Sydney, Australia under director Chris Peckover, who previously helmed the Mexican-border thriller UNDOCUMENTED. Miller will play a mischievous 12-year-old being babysat by DeJonge’s character, who has to fight to protect them from intruders with a surprising agenda. “Imagine taking the awkward, genuine teenagers from a John Hughes story and then royally scorching their evening,” says Peckover, who scripted with Zack Kahn. “This is my favorite kind of thriller, where bad decisions snowball into horrible ones with ghastly consequences.” Australia’s Storm Vision Entertainment, whose Brett Thornquest describes the movie as “HOME ALONE meets SCREAM,” is producing with LA’s Best Medicine Productions; XYZ Films is repping North American rights for SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD, which is being presold at the current American Film Market.

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