“SAVAGES CROSSING,” with “WOLF CREEK” star, gets U.S. release, cover art


After terrorizing the Outback in WOLF CREEK, veteran Aussie actor John Jarratt is back in the Down Under thriller SAVAGES CROSSING, which he also co-wrote. The movie now has a date to frighten U.S. viewers, and cover art for the DVD has appeared.

SAVAGESCROSSINGDVDNEWSJinga Films and MVD Entertainment will release SAVAGES CROSSING on disc August 20; specs have yet to be announced. Scripted by Jarratt and his wife Cody (who were also executive producers) and directed by Kevin James Dobson, SAVAGES CROSSING also stars Craig MacLachlan, Chris Haywood, Sacha Holer, Jessica Napier and Jarratt’s son Charlie in the story of a group of people who become stranded during a flood in a remote roadhouse, where tensions soon rise and lead to brutal acts of violence. It’s a big year for Jarratt (who had a small part in fan Quentin Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED) in the States, as 2013 also sees the release of 100 BLOODY ACRES, in which he plays a traffic cop, by Doppelgänger Releasing next Friday, and SHIVER, in which he’s a serial killer stalking Danielle Harris, by Image Entertainment. The actor just finished reprising his Mick Taylor role in WOLF CREEK 2; look for more on that one soon. Have a look at SAVAGES CROSSING’s trailer below.

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