Scotland’s 2015 Dead By Dawn Fest Goes For The Throat Next Week!


The 22nd edition of the Edinburgh-based horror and dark fantasy film festival known as Dead By Dawn Fest begins terrorizing the Filmhouse next week, running from April 23rd to the 26th. And like last year, FANGORIA is jazzed to be able to co-present the fest’s amazing pack of mind-melting premieres.

Dead By Dawn’s remarkable premiere lineup includes:

+  The European Premiere of AMIGO UNDEAD

+  The European Premiere of AVA’S POSSESSIONS with director Jordan Gallard in attendance

+  The European Premiere of BLOOD PUNCH

+  The Scottish Premiere of MUSARANAS a/k/a SHREW’S NEST

+  The Scottish Premiere of CUB

+  The UK Premiere of AMNESIA


+ THE POOL with director Chris W. Mitchell and producer Jan Doense in attendance


Outside of these contemporary cult flicks, Dead By Dawn Fest will also showcase a cavalcade of classic creepers that include Michael Mann’s chilling MANHUNTER, John McNaughton’s landmark psychodrama HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER, George Sluzier’s original version of THE VANISHING, David Cronenberg’s THE FLY and a pair of Stuart Gordon classics in DAGON and RE-ANIMATOR.

For the full festival lineup including a look at the incredible short film selections go to www.DeadbyDawn.co.uk. Tickets are available via www.filmhousecinema.com. See you in Scotland, sucker!

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