Scream Factory Preparing Special Edition Blu for Clive Barker’s “LORD OF ILLUSIONS”

Scream Factory, the young, but much beloved cult genre label of Shout! Factory is already doing what some would call the lord’s work, bringing home the extended cut of NIGHTBREED. Now, they’ve announced the special edition release of a second Barker-based and directed outing, 1995’s LORD OF ILLUSIONS.

Bringing both the theatrical and director’s cuts of LORD OF ILLUSIONS to Blu, Scream Factory said today:

1995’s LORD OF ILLUSIONS will be coming to Blu-ray for the first time later this Fall as a Collector’s Edition. The cat was let out of the bag from it’s Director himself — the legendary Clive Barker – today on his Facebook page.

We have no other details to report ay this time but we know a lot of you are excited about the news. More info will become more clearer in the Summer when we begin to work on the title.

The esteemed author added on his Facebook page, “…The edition will have both cuts of the film, interviews, analysis, a profile of D’Amour traced through all his literary and cinematic journeys and Nix knows what else… It’s going to be a whole new vision of D’Amour’s world, all the way up to, and including THE SCARLET GOSPELS.”

LORD OF ILLUSIONS (based on the story, “The Last Illusion”) of course brought Barker’s Harry D’Amour character to life (via Scott Bakula) in an occult tale of illusion. The news comes in the wake of Scream Factory announcing they’ll release John Hough’s fantastic Matheson adaptation THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE this year, as well.

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