“SCREAM: THE TV SERIES: Season 1, Episode 5” (TV Review)


Oh SCREAM: THE TV SERIES, you done me wrong. You had gotten so strong, I was so convinced that you had finally matured into a great program. Although I don’t regret what I said after episode four, they’ve really taken a step in the wrong direction in episode five, “Exposed.”

We’ve now spent far too much time mourning Riley, which was an effective way to get to know the characters for a single episode. Dragging it into another episode is going too far; this isn’t real life, it’s entertainment, and now we need you kids to move on from it and go back to being murdered. To be honest, I’m really starting to miss the kills. While experiencing the reaction to her death and the exploration of Tyler as a suspect in episode four was a welcome change of pace, continuing these plot lines in episode five is pretty insipid. Do the writers not have enough material for a full season?

In the end of the previous episode, a video of Emma’s first time sleeping with her now ex-boyfriend Will was leaked accidentally via this cool hacked phone-network Ghostface has been using, which may or may not have been created by the now deceased High School Bitch Mastermind Bella Thorne. This does provide for some teen drama unrelated to the murders, as we get to watch the high schoolers squabble about bad bets and cruel things they’ve done to one another within their clique. Is this at all relevant to Ghostface and Brandon James? I guess, maybe? But to be honest, my doubts are increasing. I do like teen drama, so I must admit I was at least entertained.


Will & Jake’s homoerotic banter is now developing into a crime plot line, further justifying the argument that the two douche-bag jocks are not behind the murders, but merely a pair of sloppy teen criminals who might be more at ease in a Coen brothers’ setting than SCREAM. Is their couple name WAKE or JAILL? WILKE?

Another pair of suspects is introduced, we’re branching further into the adult pool of characters. This is the first episode in which I really felt myself curiously speculating about what the end-game is for SCREAM. Do the writers even know who the killers are? And once they get revealed… is there anything left to do? Maybe move on to a new generation of teens in the same high school, like the British program SKINS. Or will it be like MTV’s SKINS, and end prematurely? And the fact that I thought about all these as I watched the episode is just a testament to how god damned boring last week’s episode was.

Luckily, as I’ve become invested in the show, it’s not that painful an episode, but it does kind of shamble along. You know when Brooke shows up in more than half the episode, the show is grasping for air. Did anything actually happen in this episode of SCREAM: THE TV SERIES? I’m pretty sure nothing happened. This episode has two nosebleeds and no murders. And that’s it.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed the show gets back on track tonight. I know this writer would really appreciate at least one graphic death this evening. At this point, if someone doesn’t bite it this week, I might just watch my DVD of THE CONDEMNED. THE CONDEMNED rules.

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