Screambox kills 2018 with new horror film premieres, FREE 7-day* trials!


Love horror films but don’t have the bones to pay for a subscription right away? Not to worry! Screambox offers a 7-day trial, giving you 168 solid hours to stream as many scary movies as you possible can, for FREE. They’ve started 2018 off with a “yuge” bang with new horror film premieres that are sure to have you shaking in your snow boots. Since early 2017, Screambox has been offering 5 or more titles per week which is likely to grow as 2018 crawls on. The newest eerie titles to hit the horror streaming service include: THE ATONING, MEATBALL MACHINE, ANARCHY PARLOR, and RYDE.

Read the synopsis for each film below:


Premiere – 12/27/2017

A husband and wife struggle to protect their son from malevolent spirits and a dark family secret that could destroy them all. In THE ATONING, It’s more than the house that’s haunted.


Premiere – 01/03/2018

From the effects team that brought you TOKYO GORE POLICE, MEATBALL MACHINE is Japanese sci-fi/horror at its most aggressive, with buckets of blood and over-the-top violence.


Premiere – 01/10/2018

A mysterious man known only as “the Artist” practices a sadistic art passed down for generations in this gritty tale of sex and violence. Anchored by a riveting portrayal from veteran character actor Robert LaSardo.


Premiere – 01/17/2018

A psychopath takes over the identity of a ride-sharing service driver and wreaks havoc on his unsuspecting victims. How well do you know the person giving you a lift? Because if you get in this car, you may never get out again.

Check out the trailer that features all 4 films:

For more information or to subscribe, visit: Screambox.com

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