[SDCC ’13] Report, Pics: Legendary’s GODZILLA Encounter


San Diego Comic-Con extends far out of the convention center. Ever widening, it takes over the surrounding Gaslamp Quarter, its hotels and restaurants, and is often a barrage of advertisements. Studios come with what they hope to be their biggest and best, drumming up anticipation. More so, they’re drumming up anticipation for that anticipation. There’s few things Fango is as interested in this year as how the new GODZILLA is shaping up. The King of Monsters returning at the hands of one of our brightest new talents (Gareth Edwards, who debuted with the fantastic MONSTERS) is something to be excited about. Warner Bros. & Legendary knows as such. They could surely rest on the highly anticipated panel and a simple teaser. They have not. 

Instead, a warehouse on the corner of J Street and Seventh Avenue houses the Godzilla Encounter. Serving as an atmospheric, fun (if brief) attraction, as well as shrine to the legacy of Godzilla, the Encounter recreates a street in Tokyo both ravaged by and reverent to the creature. He greets you, having overturned a police car. This is his zone and the display of televisions blasting his image from various films, comic books swirled to the ceiling and figures encased in glass confirm it.

You’re enraptured, but prevented from getting too comfortable, however. Smoke blasts, men in hazmat suits herd you to a control room. Something’s coming. It’s been tracked. The map is beeping at your exact location. More herding. An elevator to the roof that breaks down before you can reach it. Doors open, it’s pouring out and before you know it, he is there, right outside the window.

Legendary confirms it is not the final design we’ll see next summer. That doesn’t matter at the moment. It is a successfully large scale bit of fun that will keep this great monster on the mind until Saturday.

Godzilla1 Godzilla2 Godzilla3 Godzilla4 Godzilla5 Godzilla6 Godzilla7 Godzilla8 Godzilla9 Godzilla10

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