[SDCC ’13] Restricted “RIDDICK” Trailer, EXCL Director Comments

Where CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK was an expansive, large scaled sequel, the third film in the series seems all about simplicity. Simple title, simple game and poised to very much to appeal to fans of David Twohy’s original PITCH BLACK. Reflected in both the latest, bloody preview as well as a chat with Fango here in San Diego, the filmmaker explains the film is “very effective in that very lean, tough R-rated way. A little grittier, a little bloodier.”

Made in an independent manner and scaled down to something raw, the production of this film is expressing a mindset, an attempt to put Riddick through the ringer and have him emerge triumphant. “This Riddick character is kind of emblematic of the franchise,” Twohy says. “He does say in voiceover that maybe he got a little fat, maybe he got a little slow, maybe he lost a step and that maybe it’s a good thing that he wound up on this planet even though he was stabbed in the back by somebody else. Now, the planet becomes a proving ground. The planet against himself and he wants to see if he can best this planet, because then he’ll know he’ll be the Riddick of old.”

He and star Vin Diesel are certainly not leaving behind the mythology however as one of the two teams hunting the titular character is drudging up the past. “The first 30 minutes of the movie are Riddick alone on this planet, Riddick versus this planet. But, he needs foils. He needs a lot of good foils, both of which have very different aspirations,” Twohy says. “One team simply wants to kill him, slice off his head, put it in the box, take it home, get the big bounty. The other team is there for very personal reasons, they’re there to track him down and ask him some very personal questions about something that happened in the past.”

RIDDICK is out September 6.

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