[SDCC ’13] Your daily zombie, courtesy of “THE WALKING DEAD”


Tomorrow, our first look at Season Four of THE WALKING DEAD hits. In just a few months, we’ll be four seasons deep on a beloved, highly watched series that takes place in an undead-plagued wasteland. This continues to blow my mind, especially considering one of the series’ integral aspects is Greg Nicotero. His and his team’s work is being highlighted in anticipation of the trailer with new looks at walkers from the next season. In a show that has started to focus greatly on the human and interpersonal conflict in a post-apocalypse, does this mean the zombies and their threat will be weightier?

We’ll find out tomorrow and this fall. For now, here’s a look at the latest zombie highlighted by AMC, as well as the first image of new character Bob Stookey (played by Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.). A character from the comic series refashioned a bit, Bob’s backstory is “not entirely the same as in the comic and the novel,” explains new showrunner Scott M. Gimple. “I think he’s seen things go bad over and over, and winding up in this stable place doesn’t shake him from his experience. He struggles with that.”

Gilliard adds, “You can see there’s something deeper and darker that’s going on with this character, just from the first episode. We don’t really know what it is. We just know he’s got some issues that he’s dealing with.”

Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. actor.Season 4, The Walking Dead.

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