Second Lesson: “THE ABCs OF DEATH” to return in sequel


Last year’s anthology of absolute anarchy will have another go, and its first director announcements are already something to get excited about.

Variety is reporting Ant Timpson,  Drafthouse Film’s Tim League and Magnet Releasing, in conjunction with Todd Brown, Marc Walkow, Ted Geoghegan and Mitch Davis, will produce a follow-up to the 26 short film containing THE ABCs OF DEATH. Aimed for a release next summer, the second installment already boasts DAY OF THE BEAST, LA COMUNIDAD and THE LAST CIRCUS director Áles de la Iglesia, the filmmaker behind acclaimed SHINING theory doc Rodney Ascher and beloved animator and writer Bill Plympton. A similar contest to the one that brought us Lee Hardcastle’s “T For Toilet” will also be in place.

Timpson said, “This time around we’re all determined to expand the concept to even more hyperkinetic, comically deranged and mortally dizzying heights of how someone can shuffle off this mortal coil.”

The first film saw 26 of the globe’s best and brightest genre filmmakers each assigned a letter of the alphabet and given the means to craft any story of death around it they wanted. It was absolutely out of control and spawned standouts like Adrian Bogliano’s “B for Bigfoot,” Marcel Sarmiento’s “D for Dogfight,” Timo Tjahjanto’s “L for Libido” and Bruno Forzani and Hélène Cattet’s “O is for Orgasm.” [Variety]


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