See “THE GUEST” This Weekend, Get its Great Soundtrack Free

THE GUEST is a bit like one, long, exhilarating sigh; a major component of which is its soundtrack. The synth-heavy record is a perfect complement to the film’s spectacle stylization, Dan Stevens’ deliberate performance and its swoon effect on everyone around him, and the ensuing drive home from the theater. Perfect then, you can get the album free following a big screen engagement of the latest from Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett. 

The filmmaking duo behind YOU’RE NEXT, as well as producers Jessica Calder and Keith Calder would like to provide you with a free download of the THE GUEST’s soundtrack this weekend when you tweet a photo of your ticket stub. It’s a proper deal. The film is one of the best this year, a  purely entertaining, vivid work of violence and romance and flair. The last act alone begs to be seen on a screen, and soaking it in will yield you a rad record.

Find a message from the filmmakers below, along with rules and the THE GUEST’s tracklist. Also find my favorite selection, “Anthonio” by Annie. For more, see what I had to say about THE GUEST out of Sundance last winter.

The fine print: We love our movie and we love our soundtrack and we love our audience. That’s why this weekend we’re giving away digital download’s of the movie’s official soundtrack album to anyone who sees THE GUEST and tweets about it.

If you’re asking yourself, “Self, what is THE GUEST?” then please check out this trailer and our reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Here’s how you get the free soundtrack album…

1. Go see THE GUEST in a theater near you on September 26, 27 or 28.

2. Send a tweet with the hashtag #TheGuest and a picture of your ticket stub. It’d also be cool if you said something nice about the film.

3. Follow @TheGuestUSA on Twitter so we can DM you the download code.

4. Go to http://www.dropcards.com/TheGuest/ and enter your download code.

Please let your friends and family and enemies know about this opportunity to listen to the album that we’re calling the best soundtrack of the year.

Love and synthesizers,

Adam, Simon, Keith and Jess

Soundtrack listing:
Haunted When The Minutes Drag by Love and Rockets
Hourglass by Survive
Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version) by Annie
The Magician by Mike Simonetti
Masquerade by Clan of Xymox
Omniverse by Survive
Because I Love You (The Postman Song) by Stevie B
Storm Column by Gatekeeper
A Day by Clan of Xymox
Emma by Sisters of Mercy
Obsidian by Gatekeeper
Cry In The Wind by Clan of Xymox

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