Shane Black and Fred Dekker to remake “PREDATOR”


He had a co-starring role in the original (pictured), and now Shane Black is set to helm a new version of the action/horror classic PREDATOR, reteaming with an old writing partner on the project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Black will write a treatment for the PREDATOR reboot. Fred Dekker, who scripted his cult favorite THE MONSTER SQUAD with Black, will then take on the screenplay for Black to direct (the two also once collaborated on a zombie-Vietnam-vet script called SHADOW COMPANY that John Carpenter was once attached to). John Davis, another veteran of the first PREDATOR, is back to produce for 20th Century Fox.

The project represents a homecoming for Black, who played Hawkins in the first PREDATOR back in 1987; then riding high on the success of LETHAL WEAPON, he had been asked repeatedly by Fox to polish the script, who tried to butter him up by giving him the part—and he still turned down the rewrite job. Black most recently wrote and directed the smash hit IRON MAN 3, and is currently developing a new movie of DOC SAVAGE as well.

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