Short fun! Mad Lab zombie love, stop motion “V/H/S & more


Four shorts, seven and a half minutes of gore, camera swerves, mannequin terror and undead affection. Firstly, artist Trenty Shy has created a stop motion title stamp for the upcoming found footage anthology sequel V/H/S 2.  It’s intensely neat and includes three hallmarks of genre fun: tapes, blood and skulls.

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Fango friends Mad Lab Productions, who ring in holidays and seasons with claymation ghouls have taken a different route this Valentine’s
Day, as a gentleman zombie suitor presents the object of his affection with an object of their appetite. Mad Lab’s Chris Walsh says, “I’m always amazed at
how effectively puppets can connect with an audience. The puppet can be very elaborate and realistic, or as simple as a sock on a hand. But if there’s
something there for the audience to connect with in terms of character, it can work. It’s pretty magic how that happens. I’m sure it goes back to shadow
puppets on cave walls, thousands of years ago. And of course, when the puppet is nothing more than a tiny plastic figure, and the story is going for rich
emotional depth (even in a corny way) it can get pretty funny, because even as you connect with the character, you’re telling yourself ‘but it’s just a silly
piece of plastic.’ I think you laugh at yourself sometimes, when puppets are involved. You’re laughing at yourself for falling for that magical connection.
As audiences, we live to get fooled like that- to get pulled in.”

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Directors Gigi Saul Guerrero & Luke Bramley are taking part in the Virgin Fake Film Festival by recreating Sam Raimi’s classic EVIL DEAD in a taut 60 seconds. Efficient, dirty and impressive!

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Finally UK director Ryan Haysom, who Fango previously spoke to about his neo-giallo short YELLOW, applies some frenzied, colorful, black gloved style to the latest video for producer Antoni Maiovvi’s track “Darkroom,” from the Stockholm Syndrome EP on Giallo Disco Records.

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