Short: Nathaniel Lindsay’s Monstrous Yuppie Satire, “GREEN EYED” Now Online

As the window between theatrical, VOD and Netflix Instant grows shorter with stunning rapidity (see: MOCKINGBIRD), the transition from festival play to online debut for a short film can be anyone’s guess. Oftentimes, film festivals require the short not be widely available, which can leave myself excited for a wide viewership to see a thrilling piece of work, but completely unsure of when they can. For instance: GREEN EYED. Nathaniel Lindsay’s slick satire of the monstrous, consuming, selfish nature of yuppiedom was one of my favorite shorts of 2013, playing the likes of Fantastic Fest and more. After a successful fest run, GREEN EYED has hit online in full for you to groove, laugh and cringe. 

Synthy and summery, GREEN EYED surveys the luscious vista of Lloyd, who sees everything as possession. His car, his woman, his party. They are all to own and impress. It’s going swimmingly until Phillipe enters Lloyd’s life and poolside soiree. Ghoulish and chic, Phillipe is a monstrous reflection of Lloyd’s envy, and fragile sense of security, purpose and entitlement. And he’s stealing his fucking thunder.

Lindsay gives GREEN EYED—debuting via Short of the Week—an assured, colorful, pop aesthetic. It heightens the humor, the absurdity and the existential crisis. The director says, “GREEN EYED is a dry humored deconstruction of one man’s hollow obsessions with competition, petty one-upmanship and materialism. I’ve always been attracted to the taking of formalized composition, beauty and glamour, and throwing in subversion through nightmare-like surrealism and sardonic humor; a metaphoric and literal display of exotic bleakness.”

Of the surely winning Phillipe, the director continues, “Creating the Philippe mask took a lot of time. We met with several people, but for the most part it was way too expensive for our budget and impractical. Eventually we opted for Paul Smits, who works primarily as a fine art sculptor rather than a SPFX guy. We were lucky enough that he was able to cast and work in silicone as a friend of his had some left over, otherwise it would have costs us tens of thousands to do that. It was important the prosthetic mask of Philippe be convincingly biological and integrated to the ordinariness of everyday life (A reference point I had was the work of Chris Cunningham) so we could get that juxtaposition of well composed retro glamour combined with dry irony and surrealistic horror; meshing the two perfectly.”

You can see GREEN EYED in its entirety, below. If you’re a New Yorker who cares to see it projected, GREEN EYED is playing as part of Nitehawk Cinema’s upcoming Nitehawk Shorts Fest, running this November 19-23.

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