“SIN REAPER” actor turns director with “ATOMIC EDEN”; exclusive pics


Actor Nico Sentner (pictured above), who co-stars in the recent FANGORIA Presents release SIN REAPER, revealed during his recent interview with us that he recently directed his first feature, the action thriller ATOMIC EDEN starring Fred Williamson. Read on for his comments and some exclusive photos.

FANGORIA: What can you tell us about ATOMIC EDEN?

NICO SENTNER: It’s a very big action movie—the biggest thing I’ve ever done. We have a really good cast: Fred Williamson in the lead, the German martial arts master Mike Möller in the second lead and Lorenzo Lamas [2nd photo below]. We also, because we loved working with her so much on SIN REAPER, cast Hazuki Kata from Japan [3rd photo, and 4th photo with Möller, Williamson and Sentner]. It’s a good cast.

We shot it last year, and we’re in postproduction at the moment. We’re haven’t sold it at any markets or anything; we’d like to have the movie finished and start off with a bang, so to speak. One part of the bread-and-butter business over here in Germany is commercials; I have directed over 200, so I have some experience there. But ATOMIC EDEN is my first feature film on the director’s chair.



FANG: What is the movie about?

SENTNER: It’s actually a hybrid of films like ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 by John Carpenter and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. The starts starts with Fred Williamson recruiting these mercenaries from all over the world, so we’re traveling to different places and getting them back into action. Their mission is to go into the underground of Chernobyl, find and secure a cargo and get it out of there. It’s meant to be an easy mission, but once they arrive, they’re attacked by unknown forces in a very large group. They outnumber the mercenaries—hundreds of them in radiation suits that completely protect them. Our group is forced to take shelter in one building, and from there it’s an Alamo scenario. They’re trying to stay alive, but have to leave sooner or later because if they remain there too long, the radioactivity will kill them. On the other hand, they still have to find their cargo and get it out of Chernobyl.

That cargo is Atomic Eden: a secret weapon created by the Nazis back in WWII that the Soviet Union found, which explains why it’s in the tunnels under Chernobyl. It also explains the accident that happened there, which our movie says was no accident—it was done on purpose to cover up that this weapon is down there.



FANG: Will you try to go theatrical with the film, or take it on the festival circuit?

SENTNER: It’s not even completed yet; I think we should be done this fall, and then we’ll see about the next step. We’d love to get it into some A-list festivals. Also, I should mention that Mike Möller, who’s still unknown to you in the States, is the lead actor, writer and director of ARENA OF THE STREET FIGHTER [on which Sentner is an executive producer]. We’re building him to be an action star, and ARENA OF THE STREET FIGHTER is the first step. When you see the trailer [below], you’ll know what I mean; we’ve had incredible feedback from the martial-arts community.

ARENA OF THE STREET FIGHTER goes into digital and limited theatrical release today; find out more at its official website

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