“SOMEONE’S KNOCKING…” Director Kickstarts “THE CHAIR”

Everyone in prison maintains their innocence, but what if, in your case, it was actually true? Stripped of your rights, your freedom, your dignity, and your safety, how long would it take before you lose your sanity too? For death row inmate Richard Sullivan, the line has been crossed, and as the clock ticks towards his execution, he becomes the monster they all claimed him to be.

THE CHAIR, a new film seeking funding through Kickstarter by director Chad Ferrin (SOMEONE’S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR, THE GHOULS) and writers Peter Simeti and Erin Kohut, based on the popular Alterna Comics graphic novel of the same name, aims to be a terrifying, sadistic tale of torture, rape, murder, revenge and the good and evil within us all.

There aren’t any zombies, vampires, masked men, or the likes of them; the only monsters that appear are the ones that exist within man. In the graphic novel, the artists create intense moments of helplessness, bleakness, anger and fear, with their use of dark charcoal smudged shading against bleak grey backgrounds. For the film, the director worked to maintain this same intensity by enlisting the help of some actors and production crew who know a thing or two about portraying the dark side.

THE CHAIR stars horror legends Brian Thompson and Bill Oberst Jr., as the desperate inmate and sadistic warden, along with Eric Roberts, Naomi Grossman. The teaser trailer for the film does its job well, utilizing Oberst’s rare ability to creep out an audience while still having them completely under his spell. And if you head over to their Kickstarter page, you’ll also find an equally well thought out campaign complete with over 50 pledge rewards, individual videos with words from the cast and crew, and exclusive images, THE CHAIR is a worthy campaign just begging to be made.

“This whole process has been surreal and humbling,” said writer Peter Simeti. “When I made this graphic novel in 2006/2007, the last thing on my mind was seeing it become a film. “The CHAIR is a really dark story and it’s got a lot of twisted and disturbing aspects to it, so to know that we have so many people behind us that want to see this come to life, well it’s just been a great experience and I’m incredibly thankful.”

If you’d like to help THE CHAIR, visit the film’s Kickstarter—which ends Wednesday, July 30—here. For more, visit the film’s official site, and see the teaser below.

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