Sony grabs Automatik’s “GRACE”


A new supernatural thriller from one of the producers of INSIDIOUS and other recent horror favorites has been picked up by a major.

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has announced that it has acquired distribution rights to GRACE, the directorial debut of Jeff Chan, who has helmed live-action shorts for Activision’s CALL OF DUTY video-game series. No relation to the same-titled blood-drinking-baby film, GRACE was scripted by Chan and Chris Paré and is currently filming in Vancouver. JACK REACHER’s Alexia Fast (pictured above) stars in the title role, a girl being tormented by ungodly forces through whose eyes the entire story is told. The cast also includes Alan Dale, the INSIDIOUS films’ Lin Shaye, Alexis Knapp, Joel David Moore and Clarke Peters; the producers are Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (whose credits include the two INSIDIOUS films as well as SINISTER, THE LORDS OF SALEM, THE BAY, TAKE SHELTER and Daniel Stamm’s upcoming ANGRY LITTLE GOD) of Automatik and Chris Ferguson of Oddfellows Entertainment, with Colony Pictures also among the backers.

“Jeff Chan impressed us with his unique vision for GRACE, and we came on board as soon as we read the script,” says Sony Worldwide’s Joe Matukewicz. “This continues SPWA and Stage 6 Films’ belief in young, fresh filmmakers and builds upon SPWA’s relationship with BKJ from the INSIDIOUS franchise.”

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