Specs revealed: Scream Factory’s Blu-ray of insane cult flick “SONNY BOY”


Even for a late-’80s horror/exploitation film, SONNY BOY achieves unique heights (depths?) of perversity. Now it’s getting a Blu-ray showcase, the contents of which are detailed past the jump.

Shout! Factory releases SONNY BOY on Blu January 26 under the Scream Factory banner, presenting the movie uncut in 2.35:1 widescreen. The synopsis: “In a remote desert town, a psychopathic petty crook [PIECES’ Paul L. Smith] and his transvestite girlfriend [David Carradine—yes, David Carradine in a dress] kidnap an orphaned infant, cage it like an animal, and train it to steal and kill on their command. Years later, when the half-wild Sonny Boy escapes and embarks on a bloody rampage, the couple’s monstrous attempt at ‘child development’ provokes the local populace into vengeful retaliation.” Brad Dourif, Michael Griffin, Alexandra Powers and Sydney Lassick also star; the Blu-ray’s special features are:

• New audio commentary by director Robert Martin Carroll
• New audio commentary by writer Graeme Whifler
• Script—1st draft (accessible via BD-ROM)
• Theatrical trailer

Retail price is $26.99, but you can pre-order the disc for $18.99 at the Shout! Factory website and receive it two weeks early!


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