This past August it was revealed Millennium Films are soldiering on with the TEXAS CHAINSAW series, opting for another prequel, and one that focuses on the young years of Leatherface. To be written by Seth M. Sherwood the slasher coming-of-age is actively seeking its director, and it seems in both cases of courting, director might be directors

Bloody Disgusting is reporting two co-directing teams are currently in the running for LEATHERFACE. They are Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury, of French masterpiece INSIDE, as well as LIVIDE and this year’s AMONG THE LIVING. The second team, Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer have recently premiered their debut feature, the excellent Hollywood-centric horror STARRY EYES.

As the latter is accomplished and unsettling, and in the midst of a successful festival run as it awaits a late fall release from Dark Sky and MPI, it’s little surprise the two are up for something like this. Bustillo & Maury are of course no stranger to flirting with new visions of Hollywood horror, having been in the running to helm HALLOWEEN 3D and the HELLRAISER remake.

Shock Till You Drop further reports that the story either team may be tackling is set during Leatherface’s teenage years and “finds the boy on the run from a mental institution with a pack of other maniacs…”

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