“STONEHEARST” scribe speaks of “STREGA” supernatural series


Novelist/screenwriter Joe Gangemi is having an eventful year; his screenplay STONEHEARST ASYLUM (pictured) is finally reaching the big screen October 24 after spending years in development, and he now has the psychological horror show STREGA in development for ABC’s Signature arm, which he discussed with FANGORIA.

Gangemi, who also scripted the pilot episode of the Steven Soderbergh-produced coming-of-age comedy RED OAKS (released for viewing on Amazon earlier this month), says of STREGA, “I call it a male ROSEMARY’S BABY. It’s about a typical American family who hire an Italian au pair. She comes over and lives in their home, and you quickly realize she is something supernatural and otherworldly. You don’t know exactly what’s going on, but it’s not good. Meanwhile, she’s being hunted by this Italian police inspector who flies over from Europe. He’s tracking her every step and trying to hunt her down, because he knows what she is.

“There are twists and a lot of shocking moments for television,” Gangemi says of the show, previously set up at A&E, “and everyone’s been really excited about it. I’m pretty pleased with it; it started as an idea for a feature, and somehow got so big and the mythology got so complicated that I thought, ‘I should just make it a TV show.’ So I wrote the spec and set it up. Hopefully it will find airwaves relatively soon!” Look for Gangemi’s words on the long odyssey of STONEHEARST ASYLUM (previously known as ELIZA GRAVES) in Fango #337, on sale next month.

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