Stop-Motion Horror Flick “THE SHUTTERBUG MAN” Online Store Now Open


FANGO has been keeping readers up to date on the eerie stop motion short created by Canadian animator Chris Walsh, featuring icy narration by the legendary Barbara Steele and a score by Fango’s own Chris Alexander. Well, it’s all done and ready to induce beautiful nightmares in all who view it. Over the next year, the film is headed for the big screen experience at film festivals worldwide, but it’s available as of today, exclusively via THE SHUTTERBUG MAN Store.

“I’ve been working on the film for nearly two years and I’m so excited to FINALLY be able to share it,” says Walsh. “Animation is such a labor-intensive process, and stop motion animation even more so. Everything is crafted by handed… then animated in the same way. It’s a labor of love, and of passion, that’s for sure. I really hope people like it. The exciting thing about the online store is that it lets me share the film immediately with fans… and any profits will go right into making the NEXT project.”

“I can’t help but think of the store as a bit like crowd-funding in reverse,” adds Walsh. “I’m hoping to appeal to people who believe in what I’m doing, are fans of what I am doing, who care about this kind of project… and instead of offering perks related to a project I HOPE to make… I actually have the product ready for them to buy!  And the product’s a pretty nice one, I think.”

THE SHUTTERBUG MAN has also been winning accolades from some of the genre’s most storied talents. Here’s what Tom Holland (CHILD’S PLAY, FRIGHT NIGHT) had to say:

“Experimental film at its best… stop motion and puppets makes it wonderfully weird, and Barbara Steele gives it tone and resonance…”


“Chris Walsh’s minimalist, monochromatic puppet animation is a canny and creepy observation of viewers, like me, with tastes that are bit on the bloodthirsty side. In four minutes, he takes the retro and makes it modern, boosted tremendously by Barbara Steele’s elegant narration and Chris Alexander’s atmospheric score, woven like an elaborately designed Persian rug.”

Show your support for independent horror (and for the strange, beautiful world of stop motion animation) by heading over to the store today!

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