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As many fright fans already know, FANGORIA offers a great selection of gruesome movies, old and new, for free at our Hulu channel. To give you a better idea of what’s available, FANGORIA is taking in-depth looks at some of the channel’s terrifying titles with Stream to Scream. Today: Chris Sivertson’s disturbing domestic horror THE LOST.

By now, horror fans are likely familiar with the unrelenting human-born horror from author Jack Ketchum. Expertly maneuvering through psychological terror and extremely unsettling viscera, Ketchum explores the dark side of human nature unlike any other- and with uncompromising honesty. It’s no wonder why his work has caught the eyes of filmmakers over the years, including the likes of Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson, who helped bring one of Ketchum’s most startling works to the screen in 2006’s THE LOST.


Even though the subject matter is ugly, THE LOST is actually a beautifully composed work of disturbing art, filled with strong performances, an unpredictable story and some top notch blood-and-gore SFX. But if it’s not already clear, THE LOST is a provocative film in many different way: the characters are mostly unlikeable, the violence is brutal and the vision for the film is unconventional. But THE LOST is a powerful horror film that’s as gripping as it is off-putting, offering a horrific tale of indecency and egomania against a suburban backdrop.

THE LOST follows Ray, a psychopathic degenerate whose need to control leads him to commit an unprovoked double murder, which takes a toll on the lives of himself and his friends years later. As a director, Chris Sivertson intends on telling THE LOST in his own way, adding peculiar stylistic flair and following Ketchum’s dark novel with no mind paid to the audience. While this can sometimes be problematic, with some of the film’s 2-hour runtime paced fairly awkwardly, Sivertson’s vision also surprises (and perhaps divides) the audience with the dark depths to which the film goes.


THE LOST also benefits greatly from Sivertson’s excellent cast, especially his leading man, Marc Senter. While Senter has gone on to become a figure of sorts in horror since (appearing in last year’s STARRY EYES as well as THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL and TOM HOLLAND’S TWISTED TALES), the actor absolutely stuns in his wholly believable and terrifying take on the homicidal Ray Pye. Senter is also bolstered by one co-star in particular, as Robin Syndey does an exceptional job as his “bad girl” foil who offers a surprisingly multifaceted turn in the third act. Meanwhile, the film also features a cavalcade of genre acting talents, including Michael Bowen, the late (great) Ed Lauter, Alex Frost, Shay Astar, Megan Henning, Katie Cassidy, Richard Riehle and Dee Wallace.

Overall, if extreme horror is your pleasure, THE LOST can deliver and then some, giving Ketchum’s wicked words an equally chilling visual adaptation. With across-the-board great performances, truly disturbing violence and beautiful production value, THE LOST defies expectations in more ways than one and is definitely worthy of rediscovery on our Hulu channel. While those with weak stomachs may not want to apply, THE LOST is not a horror flick to be missed.

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