[Sundance 2014] Jay Shaw’s Great Poster for Killer Kid Film “COOTIES”


Co-written by Ian Brennan and INSIDIOUS’ Leigh Whannell, COOTIES pits a group of teachers (played by a fantastic ensemble of comedic performers) against an elementary school brimming with infected, violent children. Killer kids and killing kids? Is this the energetic, black comedy Sundance Midnighter we’re hoping for? If its new poster by the always on-point Jay Shaw is any indication…

In COOTIES, A mysterious virus hits a small Illinois town, affecting only the prepubescent population, transforming them into violent, feral little monsters.  The virus centralizes in the town’s elementary school, and quickly the infected students have the teaching staff under siege, acting out deadly revenge fantasies with an eerie sense of childlike glee.  Finally, the teachers band together, led by a hapless substitute who grew up in the town, realizing they must do the unthinkable if they hope to survive.

Starring Elijah Wood (who also produced under his Spectrevision alongside Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller), Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill, Jack McBrayer, SNL’s Nasim Pedrad, LOST’s Jorge Garcia and Whannell, COOTIES World Premieres Saturday, January 18 in Park City. For more on the film, keep an eye on Fango for coverage from Sundance, and visit its spot in the Film Guide here.


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