“SWEATSHOP” scripter’s “WE ARE STILL HERE” gets rolling with “RE-ANIMATOR” star


Barbara Crampton of RE-ANIMATOR (pictured) and New York horror mogul Larry Fessenden star in WE ARE STILL HERE, a supernatural chiller currently shooting in upstate New York under debuting director Ted Geoghegan.

The film is a co-production of MPI/Dark Sky Films and Snowfort Pictures, with the latter’s Travis Stevens producing and the former’s Greg Newman executive-producing. Geoghegan, whose screenwriting credits include SWEATSHOP and numerous German gorefests and who is a producer on the upcoming ABCs OF DEATH 2, also wrote WE ARE STILL HERE, in which a couple played by Crampton and UPSTREAM COLOR’s Andrew Sensenig move into an old house in New England following the death of their teenage son in an auto accident. The place turns out to be haunted by evil spirits, and the couple soon learn that the surrounding town is hiding a dark secret—and must overcome their grief to battle both the living and dead before their souls, and that of their dead son, are dragged to hell. The cast also includes Lisa Marie from Tim Burton’s SLEEPY HOLLOW and PLANET OF THE APES; Karim Hussain of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, ANTIVIRAL and THE THEATRE BIZARRE is the cinematographer.

“I am honored that Dark Sky Films, which has been responsible for so many great, entertaining films, will be handling my first movie,” says Geoghegan, and Newman praises, “Its compelling screenplay heralds WE ARE STILL HERE as a film that will captivate a wide range of movie fans.” Adds Stevens, “The haunted house film is one of horror’s oldest tropes. We’re working hard to push the conventions of this subgenre in some exciting new directions.  Our goal is to scare the audience in more interesting ways than simply having cupboards slam shut unexpectedly.”


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