Take a walk down “TOAD ROAD” this fall


With his take on MANIAC currently in theaters, Elijah Wood is helping spearhead the U.S. release of another exploration into the heart of human darkness, Jason Banker’s award-winning TOAD ROAD.

Artsploitation Films has announced that it will debut TOAD ROAD in theaters this coming October, followed by DVD, VOD and other digital platforms. The movie is set in a small Pennsylvania town and delves into its troubled, drug-infused youth culture—and what happens when some of them decide to explore the titular trail, which allegedly leads to the seven gates of hell. Banker wrote, directed and shot the movie, which stars James Davidson, Sara Anne Jones (who, tragically, died of an accidental drug overdose last September), Whitleigh Higuera, Jamie Siebold and Scott Rader. After TOAD ROAD’s world premiere at last year’s Fantasia festival in Montreal, where it won Best Director and Best Actor for Davidson, Wood and his SpectreVision partners Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller came aboard as executive producers when Wood saw the film while helping select movies for Los Angeles’ Nightmare City horror festival.

“We created our company to explore and expand the definition of the horror genre,” Wood says. “TOAD ROAD’s blend of documentary and nightmarish hallucination speaks to this perfectly. It provides a unique and disturbing portal into self-destructive behavior that barrels horrifically out of control. We’re proud to present this extremely powerful and resonant film.”

Adds Artsploitation vice president Brian Sokel, “There is a nihilism and decay present within the characters of TOAD ROAD that makes the film mesmerizing. The horror comes not from just a mystical location and inevitable conclusion, but a very real, very dark place in each of their hearts. It’s a unique film that must be seen.” See the trailer below, and look for in-depth coverage of TOAD ROAD in a future issue of Fango.

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